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Food-focused social network is just a click away

NEW YORK, NY and DECATUR, GA (February 17, 2010) – The Meredith Women’s Network has cooked up a cure for your kitchen woes with a new Mixing Bowl iPhone application, now available at the iTunes Store at Developed by Sourcebits, the Mixing Bowl free app brings Meredith’s reputation for quality food content to a new generation of movers, shakers, blenders and bakers.

The Mixing Bowl application gives users easy access to the recipes and activities on, Meredith’s social networking site for food enthusiasts. Now Mixing Bowl members can access their favorite recipes, friends and connections on the go – from their kitchen, car, grocery store and everywhere in-between.

With Mixing Bowl, your list of ingredients and instructions are only a few clicks away. The app also includes a variety of community features allowing users to rate recipes, share their own culinary connections, and chat with other home cooks while they cook. The Mixing Bowl application gives you the power to create and access your own personal cooking network from anywhere, and Facebook integration makes it simple to share your latest culinary triumphs (and trials) with friends.

“Research shows there is an untapped audience of iPhone and iTouch users looking to make the most of their devices to connect to favorite social networks,” said Dan Hickey, Vice President of Digital Content for the Meredith Women’s Network. “The new Mixing Bowl application instantly adds value by transforming your touch screen into a community chock full of recipes and conversation.

“We are very pleased with our partnership with Sourcebits,” he added. “They brought the Mixing Bowl experience to life in a unique and user-friendly way.”

Want to learn how to make authentic pho or bouillabaisse? Mixing Bowl has hundreds of ethnic recipes from home cooks around the world. Want to start your own restaurant? Get advice from someone who already owns one. Need dinner ideas for picky eaters? Ask another mom. Starting a special diet? Let someone on that diet help guide your way.

“When Meredith came to us with the idea for the Mixing Bowl app, we immediately recognized the potential demand, usefulness and ultimate success of a well-designed interactive iPhone cookbook,” said Rohit Singhal, CEO of Sourcebits. “We went to great lengths to ensure this app embodies the quality of Meredith’s print and digital brands and is a visually appealing, easy and fun-to-use app that iPhone users can’t believe they ever cooked without.”

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